Your added value:

You don't have to bother with travel bookings and organizing events! I love to plan and organize.

Event Management

Together we plan your event and I take care of booking restaurants or meeting rooms as well as catering etc., research of supporting programs, dispatch of invitations and the necessary follow-up with participants as well as the restaurant etc. I monitor and control the budget that has been set beforehand. You can dedicate your time to more important things.

Travel Management

Just pack your suitcase and attend the appointment! I plan and organize your business trip, reserve rooms considering location and costs, book train or plane tickets and pay attention to the price-performance ratio. Then I collect the travel and meeting documents, calculate buffer times and save all the necessary information for you in the cloud. You tell me how you prefer to travel and what you value - I make sure everything runs smoothly. Bon voyage!

You can take care of more important things with peace of mind, while I make sure you get from A to B smoothly or your meetings are successful.

Getting curious?

This is how it works:

First contact:

Just call me or send an e-mail.

Let's get to know each other:

In a short, free conversation, we get to know each other and you learn how we can work together successfully.


I will send you a non-binding offer and you decide for time and flexibility.

Our cooperation starts:

A thorough briefing and great training (maybe also on site) as well as good and continuous communication will make our cooperation a success.

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